5 Leadership Skills of Great Leaders (INFOGRAPHIC)

When running your own business, you have to have great leadership skills.

What makes a leader great? Here are the 5 most common characteristics of a great leader. (Tweet this)

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Leadership: 5 Traits of a Great Leader

1. Honesty and Integrity (Tweet this)
As a leader, you are responsible for your team of people. Great leaders take it upon themselves to raise the bar even higher when it comes to whatever ethical plane they hold themselves to. They are aware that their business and their team are a reflection of themselves.

Honesty and Integrity are both critical traits of great leaders. (Tweet this)

Honesty is speaking the truth and acting truthfully while integrity is doing the right thing even if no one is looking. When honesty and integrity are a key value of a leader, his team will have the same value for these traits. (Tweet this)

2. Trusts His/Her Team (Tweet this)

One of the things that separates great leaders from mediocre leaders is their ability to trust their team and delegate tasks. (Tweet this)

Every entrepreneur has a vision for their brand and for a business to be organized and efficient they work on finessing this vision. Excellent leaders are able to trust their team with this vision and doing so is a key to progressing to the next level. So leaders do trust and rely on others too. When you put trust on others and rely on them, this is not a sign of weakness. It is actually a strength. As a leader, you should learn to delegate tasks to the right departments as your business starts expanding.

"If you don't learn to trust your people, you will end up swamped in tasks and emails and more work start piling up, drowning you." (Tweet this)

If you stretch yourself thin, the quality of your work dwindles down and you become less productive.

3. Knows How to Communicate (Tweet this)
Many leaders have a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. They can picture their goals clearly in their head. But when they try to explain these goals to their team, they usually end up staring at blank or confused faces. Great leaders on the other hand are able to clearly describe what they want done and in great details. They can easily relate their vision to their team and therefore they are able to work towards the same goal.

So if you want to be a great leader, work on honing your communication skills. (Tweet this)

4. Has a Great Sense of Humor (Tweet this)
When you are in business, things are bound to go wrong. Mistakes will be made and sometimes unavoidable circumstances can creep up. It's just a matter of time. Excellent leaders know that boosting their team's morale can help increase productivity and in difficult situations, sending out a positive energy is very crucial.

Having a great sense of humor is helpful during tough times. When their teams make mistakes, great leaders do not scold their people. Instead they encourage them to laugh at these mistakes and learn from them in a happy and positive manner.

If you teach your team to seek the humor in their struggles and mistakes, your work environment becomes a happy and healthy place. (Tweet this)

Having such an environment is important as you want to make your employees feel happy and excited to go to work.

You don't want to create a work place wherein employees dread of going to. What you want are employees coming in every workday because they love to and not because they have to. Excellent leaders achieve this by cracking jokes with their team and having a genuine interest about their personal life asking them about weekend plans, travels or family trips . These chitchats although are just short, are a huge help in boosting morale and keeping productivity levels high.

5. Calm and Composed Even When Under Pressure (Tweet this)
Great leadership is also about keeping calm and composed even in dire circumstances. As mentioned earlier, things are bound to get difficult. There are days when things don't go according to plan. Great leaders know that not all days will be sunny and there are days of dark skies. As the leader, it is your job to keep the team morale.

Entrepreneurs with great leadership skills keep their confidence level up and assure their team that setbacks are but natural. (Tweet this)

Instead of panicking, they focus on the larger goal and keep everyone working and moving ahead. If you are calm, confident and cool even when under pressure, your team will start feeling the same.

Do you have great leadership skills? Do you have other ideas on how to be a great leader? Share your thoughts with us and let us learn from each other. 



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